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  • Colombian skater, Silvia Natalia Nio, number one skater in the world June 12, 2001 (From Inline-Worldcup) Silvia Natalia Nio , Colombian rollerskater, the best in the world.
    Silvia Natalia Nio from Colombia is the new leader of the world ranking. After a first place at the "Nice en Roller" event Nino from Colombia has overtaken the lead position. Former leader Andrea Haritchelhar of Salomon did not participate in Nice but will soon compete against Nio at the Worldcup Grand Prix races in Zurich and Engadin. Colombian skaters Diego Rosero and Jorge Botero and ranked 2nd and 3rd in the men's world ranking. Great job !

    Colombian Musica Ficta ensamble during concert in Indianapolis

  • June 10, 2001. Colombian Msica Ficta featured a concert in Indianapolis.
    Renown Colombian baroque music group Msica Ficta was featured in a concert sponsored by the Sociedad Amigos de Colombia, SADCO, in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Founded in 1988 in Bogot, Colombia, the vocal and instrumental ensemble Msica Ficta has reached a prestigious reputation in Colombia and abroad as a performer of the New World repertoire between 1550 and 1750, and the Spanish repertoire between 1350 and 1600. Its conscientious musicological work and the creativity of its programs and performances have secured a following. The ensemble has toured Europe three times, the USA and Latin-America on several occasions, performing at major international music festivals such as "Il Canto delle Pietre" (Italy), "Monuments en Musique" and "Le Chant des Chapelles" (France), "Music at Emmanuel" (UK), "Festival Cervantino" (Mexico) and "Festival de Chiquitos" (Bolivia). It has also participated in the concert seasons of the Inter-American Development Bank (Washington DC), the Cleveland Museum of Art (USA), the Corcoran Gallery (Washington DC) and the Banco de la Repblica (Colombia).

  • June 1, 2001. (Caracol) Colombian "Human Computer" will be featured in mathematics olympiads.
    Colombian mathematician, Jaime Garca Serrano, called the human computer JAIME GARCA SERRANO, considered the mathematician of the century and also called the "human computer", has been invited to give a seminar about Mental Computation during the Math Olympiads of Secondary School 2001 at the Valencian Community in Spain. Garca Serrano, who has five world-wide "RECORD GUINNESS", is Colombian, born in Mlaga, Santander. His Guinnes records include: extraction by root thirteen of a number of one hundred digits in a time of 0.15 seconds (May 24, 1998); memorization of a number of two hundred and twenty numbers from a single look (May 24, 1989); calculation of the calendars of one hundred thousand years at the Instituto de Cooperacin Iberoamericana in Madrid (April, 1991); calculation of the Gregoriano calendar of a million years at the Universidad Autnoma de Madrid (May, 1995); and calculation of the trigonometrical functions at the Universidad del Rosario, Santaf de Bogot (August, 1997).

  • May 24, 2001 (RCN) Triumphant concert of Colombians in Budapest.
    Budapest (EFE). Baroque and Renaissance music was the star of the night at the Duna Palace in Budapest, Hungary, due to the magnificent performance of Colombian musicians Alvaro Huertas and Armando Fuentes. Both musicians consider themselves "re-discoverers of teh music of XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries from both Europe and Latin America", and dedicate their careers to recover it. "It was a tough road" to reimplant this music, which was relegated and overlooked in Latin America, even though there was a intimate mixture of the European and local Latin American types. The concert was held as a celebration of the 20th aniversary of the bilateral agreement for cultural, educational and scientific cooperation between the countries of Colombia and Hungary.

    Colombian artist Daro Ortiz exhibiting in Austria

  • May 22, 2001 (Cromos) Colombian paintings exhibited in Vienna, Austria.
    Colombian artist Daro Ortiz created 20 paintings about the current reality of Colombia and will exhibit his work in the Archangel Cultural Center in Vienna, Austria from May 22 to June 15, 2001. "I paint because of a need of expresion, because not seeing reality is a cowardness" said Ortiz.

    Manuel Barrios, one of the two first Colombians to reach the top of the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest

  • May 22, 2001. (ELTIEMPO.COM) Colombians reach the top the highest mountain of the world.
    In a historic accomplishment for Colombia, two Colombians (out of a total of nine) reached the top of Mount Everest, the highest mountain of the world with a height of 8,848 meters. Manuel Barrios and Fernando Gonzlez Rubio set the Colombian national flag at 00:15 a.m.. A second group made up of Marcelo Arbelez, Nelson Cardona and Juan Pablo Ruiz reached the 7,060-meter level and hope to reach the top on Thursday May 24, 2001. Less than 40 % of expedition members that come to the Everest, and try to climb up to the top, can actually make it to the top.

  • May 21,2001 (Source: El Nuevo Herald) A Colombian is about to make it in the WNBA.
    Colombia is about to have a new ambassador in the professional basketball league of the WNBA in the United States. Yes, in basketball. Her name is Levys Torres and she is from Barranquilla. She is a center and could become the first Latin American player to be part of professional team of the WNBA. Torres, 23, was drafted by the Miami Sol early this year. She will graduate from the Information Systems Department at Florida State University.

  • April 29, 2001. Montoya celebrates his first complete F1 race with second place during Spanish Grand Prix.
    For Montoya, who in his four previous F1 outings had failed to finish despite some very impressive performances, second was a wonderful result. The young Colombian started 11th (it would have been 12th, but David Coulthard stalled on his installation lap and had to start last) and was up to sixth by the end of the first lap. "I think it is really great to be on the podium," Montoya said. "The first four races were difficult, as some were competitive and some weren't. I didn't expect to be on the podium today, as the car was quite tricky to drive and McLaren and Ferrari were in a different league, which means we have a lot of work to do before the next race."

  • Los Tri-O, Billboard Award winners April 28, 2001 (EL TIEMPO) Colombian artists Shakira, Carlos Vives y Tri-O win Billboard awards.
    Colombian artists Shakira, Carlos Vives y Tri-O wan prestigious Latin Billboard awards. Vives wan the award in the best Tropical Album category with his "Fruta Fresca" product. Tri--O wan in the best Album of the Year category in Bands, with "La gloria eres t". Shakira wan in the category of best Rock Album of the Year due to her production of "MTV Unplugged". Shakira had wan the Grammy to the Best Pop Album of the Year on February 21, 2001.

  • April 28, 2001 (RCN) Colombian Olympic Gold Medalist Mara Isabel Urrutia is awarded important international award.
    The Spanish Council of Sports honored Urrutia with the Ibero-American Community Award in Madrid, Spain. Urrutia felt very proud of this internatinal recognition to her life performance as an athlete. "I am very excited and happy because this types of awards are an honor, and even more when you are Colombian, because the name of my country is set high when something like this happens", said the Sydney-2000 Gold winner. The Reyes de Espaa will give her this distinction.

  • Archeologic piece of the Museo del Oro April 19, 2001. (RCN) Colombia exhibits precolumbus art in the Quebec City summit of the Americas.
    Foreing Relations ministry organize an exhibit of procolumbus pottery art in Quebec, Canada, during the III Summit of the Americas. The exhibit was held at the Gabrielle Roy Lybrary of Quebec City and was launched by Colombian Ambassador in Canada Fanny Kertzman. The exhibit includes anthropomorphic shapes of precolumbus cultures such as Calima, Corinto, Cauca, Chimila, Muisca, Nario, Quimbaya, Magdalena river, Sin, Tairona and Tumaco. The pieces belong to the Archeology Museum Casa del Marqus de San Jorge in Bogot, Colombia.

  • April 19, 2001 (RCN) Dr. Patarroyo foresees improvements in malaria vaccine.
    Colombian scientist Manuel Elkin Patarroyo stated in Madrid (Spain) that the vaccine against malaria, that he invented 15 years ago, will be able to be applied in one dosis and with an efficiency higher than 90% "in less than two years". Patarroyo, who lectured a seminar about sinthetic vaccines in Madrid, said that research for the perfectioning of his vaccine against malaria will lead to the development of a universal method to create any sinthetic vaccine.

  • April 17, 2001. (Source: RCN) Colombian researchers create a diet fiber from passion fruit peel.
    Colombian researcher from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia have created a diet fiber with soluble characteristics from passion fruit peels. The peel of this fruit, which is about 52% of its total composition, were transformed into a fiber in the lab of food chemistry of this University. The team guided by professor Ana Silvia Bermdez created this new source of diet fiber that can be used in the manufacture of food for humans, such as in cookies.

    Samuel Mrquez, anthropologist

  • April 9, 2001. (Source: EL TIEMPO) Colombian descendent anthropologist leads significant findings.
    Anthropologist Samuel Mrquez, son of Colombian parents, is the team leader that conducted studies on the Sm3, a skull of the 'homo erectus' that looks like a 'homo sapiens', lost for 22 years. According to Mrquez "in fact, there is no a homo erectus equal to this one". Sm3 is considered as an evolutive category. According to some of its morphology features, it is half way between the homo erectus and homo sapiens. From this study, important questions may have an answer. For example, differences in the forehead and the left side of the skull, where the speaking capability is generated, are evident. This can help determine that perhaps the speaking capability was developed much earlier than in our present generations. Language is very important in human evolution, and that is why the siginificance of Samuel Mrquez's team's studies.

  • Montoya passes Schumacher in Brazil April 3, 2001. (Source: Alan Henry: Hello, I Must Be Going. Tillingham, Essex, England). Outstanding performance of Juan Pablo Montoya in Interlagos, Brazil.
    Juan Pablo Montoya's performance in Sunday's third round of the World Championship had laid down a marker which, in the long term, could redefine the status quo at the head of the F1 field. There is nothing surprising about the fact that Montoya is quick. His credentials on the European F3000 and U.S. Champ Car scene had left that beyond question. What was so startling about his Brazilian performance was the way he dispatched Schumacher onto the grass, not merely overtaking him but making it clear that the three-time World Champion's reputation counted for nothing in his own mind.

    Boogota's CityTV featured in The Globe and Mail of Toronto

  • March 30, 2001. (Source: The Globe and Mail). International Recognition to Bogota's CityTV.
    Citytv: 'Now available in assorted cultures' It has long boasted of being 'everywhere.' Now, Toronto's Citytv has franchises in four countries, including Colombia, where it's striking a chord with viewers. Located in the city's historic heart, La Candelaria, Citytv Bogota is surrounded by impressive colonial-style buildings with tiled roofs and ornate, wrought-iron balconies. And in consultation with Citytv Toronto, the El Tiempo building has been renovated to create street-front studios behind floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing passersby to watch what goes on inside, much like they do at Citytv in Toronto. Along with airing less violence, Citytv Bogota's goals are to listen to the viewers, and, on a broader level, to make the city a better place to live. The station strives to end its segments on a positive note, emphasizing, for example, what action is being taken to right a wrong. It's an approach to the news that has been well-received by Bogotanos.

    Jairo Tobon, Notre Dame church 

  • March 30, 2001. (Source: EL TIEMPO). A Colombian "Paisa" is a sacristan of famous Notre Dame church.
    Colombian Jairo Tobn has been sacristan of the gotic master piece Notre Dame church in Paris, France, for the last 20 years. permiti que un documentalista compatriota suyo se metiera en su vida y contara cmo transcurre su vida en la mtica catedral de Notre Dame, en Francia, obra maestra del arte gtico, de la que es sacristn hace 20 aos. A documental called: "Las castauelas de Notre", is being produced by Colombian director Diego Garca-Moreno. The documetnal is about the life of Jairo Tobn.

    Fernando Trujillo, Amazons 
river dolphins protectionist

  • March 26, 2001 (Source: SEMANA). Carving a dream. Colombian Fernando Trujillo fights for the conservation of Amazons river dolphins.
    Colombian biologist Fernando Trujillo has been working on the conservation of the Amazons River dolphins for the past 15 years. Trujillo found in these pink mamals of the Amazons river (also called the Ocean River) an inspiration and a crusade for their conservation. He designed a poster to promote the protection of the Amazons river dolphins and submitted a proposal to the Society for Dolphin and Whale Protection. He received a $6,000 grant to lauch his dream project. His strategy included a lot of community education and make the dolphin a source of income for the inhabitants of this region. Amazons river dolphins are now carved on wood producing exact, real size copies of the animals, which are one of the main souvenirs bought by tourists.

  • March 16, 2001. (Source: EFE). Colombian guitarrist triumphs in London.
    Colombian guitarrist Juan Mario Cullar made London audience vibrate in an intense concert of popular music impregnated of the most varied Latin rythms. Dozens of people attended the joyful recital featured by Cullar in the Bolivar Hall of London with the sponsorship of the Colombian Embassy and the Banco Bilbao Viscaya Argentaria (BBVA). The concert included pieces such as: "Danza del fuego fatuo y molinero", of Manuel de Falla; "Danza espaola nmero 5", of Enrique Granados; "Trmulo y habanera", of Antonio Francisco Serra; "Bambuco", of Jorge Aez, and "Zamba y huella", of Ariel Ramrez.

    Karim Noack in her miracle on the stage!!!

  • March 12, 2001 (Source: SEMANA) Miracle on the stage. A Colombian woman succeeds in New Your city by showing her battle against cancer through the dance.
    Since Febrary/2001, each weekend the 180 seats of the La Mamma theater in New York city have been soldout. The reason is "Six Months to Live", a coreagraphy of dance/play created by Colombian dancer Karim Noack. During one and a half hour the audience discover that, in the Tango man seduces his partner as death captivates its victim; that the Cuban rumba is like the happines of being alive; and that flamenco tapping is like rebellion. During one and a half hour, Karim shows in an artistic way the reality of the last six years of her life. In 1995, while teaching salsa lessons at the NY academy Dance Sport, she received the news that she was going to die. Doctors had diagnosed advanced breast cancer and, if she did not immediately start chemiotherapy treatment, she would die in six months.
    With her show, more than entertaining, more than doing an analogy of her live, and more than a criticism, Karim Noack wants to show the public that only when you do what you love to do, it is possible to die in peace or go on living.

    High Deck of San Felipe de Barajas Castle

  • March 9, 2001. (Source:RCN). Launched Virtual Exhibition about Cartagena: Cultural Asset of Humanity.
    The Instituto Cervantes of Spain has launched a virtual exhibition about the historic and cultural asset of Colombian city Cartagena de Indias. The exhibition about Cartagena on the internet is part of the large project about Hispanic cultural and artistic asset, which is sponsored and developed by the Instituto de Madrid and its Virtual Center Cevantes.
    The web page of this exhibition is accessed by clicking this link: Cartagena de Indias (in Spanish, sorry). This is the first virtual exhibition of this project, which will offer information in similar exhibitions about monumental city of Quito, Ecuador, and other cities built during the times of the Spanish "conquista" (conquering) in the new world.

  • March 8, 2001. (Source: RCN) Garciamarquian Lessons of Journalism in Mexico.
    Nobel Literature Prize winner Gabriel Garca Mrquez and renown Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski have joined in Mexico City to launch a journalism shop for Latin American journalists. Kapuscinski will lecture the classes of the shop organized by the Ibero American Foundation of Journalism, which is presided by Garca Mrquez.

    Clara Juliana Guerrero

  • March 7, 2001 (From bowilingdigital.com) Colombian bowler elected as 2000 International Player of the Year (Women's category).
    The Player of the Year race in the women's category was very close. Clara Juliana Guerrero of Colombia collected 29,17% of the votes to earn the 2000 International Player of the Year award. She was immediately followed by Denmark's Kamilla Kjeldsen, who received 27,08% of the votes to finish second. Kjeldsen missed tying the Colombian for first place by a single vote!
    Colombian champion Clara Juliana Guerrero, who owns the World Championship record over 6 games with pinfall of 1407 (avg. 234,50), ended the year 2000 in the pole position of the American Zone rankings. In the AMF World Cup in Lisbon, Portugal, the 18-year-old righthander from Medellin averaged 214,69 over 48 games only to lose 2-1 in the best-of-three finale against Mel Isaac to finish second.
    Congratulations, Clarita!

  • March 6, 2001 (EL TIEMPO). Colombian writer winner of Gabriela Mistral award.
    Giomar Cuesta of Colombia was the winner of the Gabriela Mistral award, which is issued by the Frech publisher Indigo-Cot Femmes.

    Aracnis Topo by Mauricio Fonseca Leal

  • March 5, 2001 (Source: EL TIEMPO). Colombian inventor prepares "Insectmovil" for Mars.

    The "insectmovil" is the creation of a young Colombian inventor named Mauricio Fonseca Leal. The telemetric and remotely guided movil has been designed to take spiders, scorpions, and cockroaches to the red planet Mars. The project costs $30 million and has the support of the Colombian Association of Astronomists, which is presenting the project to NASA.

  • March 2, 2001. (Source: RCN). Exhibition of Botero in Mexico

    Colombian renown artist Fernando Botero is opening an exhibition of his collection named :"Botero, 50 years of art life" with 136 pieces from the period between 1946 to 2000, as part of the program of the Historic Festival in Mexico City.

    Swimsuits made in Colombia

  • February 26, 2001 (from EL TIEMPO) Colombian designs on cover of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED -- Swimsuit Edition 2001.
    Bikinis made in Medelln. Women from all over the world will be able to show off their beauty with bikinis made in Medellin, Colombia, and that are on the cover of the Sports Ilustrated Swimsuit Edition 2001. The swim suit designs are created by Pily Queipo Rodriguez owner of Onda de Mar swimsuit manufacturer in Medellin, Colombia, and were selected from thousands of participants from all over the world. The magazine asked for samples for a sort of "audition" in which more than 100,000 samples competed to finally sellect 80.

    Shakira wins the Grammy

  • February 22, 2001 (Source E! Online and RCN). Colombian singer Shakira wins the Grammy. The nominees for Best Latin Pop Album: Aguilera for Mi Reflejo, Oscar De La Hoya (without a mouthguard) for Oscar De La Hoya, Luis Miguel for Vivo, Alejandro Sanz for El Alma Al Aire and Shakira for Shakira--MTV Unplugged.
    The winner? Sorry, Christina. Do some push-ups, Oscar. It's Shakira, who appears to have switched hairstyles with Aguilera for the night. But like Christina, Shakira is smokin' esta noche. "I really didn't expect this," she says, doing a valiant job en Ingles. "I promise that if I win one of these next year, I'll mention each of you guys. But I would like to share this award with my love, Antonio...my people, and of course, my country...Colombia. In spite of our tough reality, we keep our spirit joyful. Viva Colombia"
    Viva Shakira.

  • February 19, 2001. Colombian journalist Juan Carlos Restrepo wins international literature prize. Juan Carlos Restrepo was the winner of the VII edition of the "Julio Cortzar", Brief Narrative, which is organized annually by the Universidad de Murcia, Hispanicamerican Literature Department, and Caja Murcia, in Spain.

    Colombian rose

  • February 13, 2001. Colombian Flowers for Valentine Day in USA. A convoy of 50 airplanes daily transports thousands of tons of Colombian flowers for Valentine Day in USA. Two out of three roses that women in the USA received are Colombian. If it is carnations, 95% of them come from Colombian harvests.

  • February 5, 2001. Colombian Physicist Pedro Antonio Prieto (Universidad del Valle) was recognized by the American Physical Society's Fellowship Program. From the Forum on International Physics, for forefront research in the Josephson effect in high temperature superconductors and outstanding contributions to the development of physics in Latin America. The APS Fellowship Program was created to recognize members who may have made advances in knowledge through original research and publication or made significant and innovative contributions in the application of physics to science and technology. They may also have made significant contributions to the teaching of physics or service and participation in the activities of the Society.
    Universidad del Valle

  • February 5, 2001. Colombian journalists Antonio Caballero and Mara Cristina Caballero are part of the group of nominees to win the Unesco-Giullermo Cano Press Freedom Award in Paris. The name of the winner of this worldwide recognized award will be disclosed in Namibia on May 3, 2001, when the Press Freedon Day is cellebrated. Peace for Colombia

  • February 4, 2001. Colombian Cumbias Get Long-Overdue Respect on CD. Read this nice article published in the Los Angeles Times about this typical Colombian type of music. (By ERNESTO LECHNER). Come visit this link to learn about more about Colombian Cumbia.

  • February 2, 2001. Colombian writer Leonardo Pea Caldern was the winner of the Casa de las Amricas Award for his novel "Siempre es posible verlos pasar" ("It's always possible to see them pass" in English), which protraits the decadence of the typical farmer.

  • February 1, 2001. Colombian pop singer Soraya featured the introducing songs for the concert of superstar Sting in Mexico City. Soraya sang five pieces, among them "De repente" and "En dnde ests?", with which she prepared the audience for the main entree of Sting. The concert was held at the Auditorio Nacional with a capacity of 10,000 people. The Mexican people showed their appreciation to the "Russians" singer, who received a condecoration from the government of Chile due to his job in favor of human rigns.

  • February 1, 2001. Colombian writer Alvaro Mutis is named "adoptive son" of Cdiz, Spain. According to the local government, this recognition is due to the centennial relationship of his family to this province in Andalucia. The president of the Cadiz city council, Rafael Romn, explained that Mutis is "direct descendant" of renown botanic expert Jos Celestino Mutis, who studied the American contintent flora during century XVIII.

    Kurosopa. Glazed ceramic mounted on wood.1-20-01 Colombian artist Martha Garzn featured in the Arts Museum of Orlando, Florida. The Florida Artist of the Month for January is Martha Garzon. Women's power, sensuality and magic inspired the ceramic "Female Objects Series" by Garzon. The South American artist was born in Bogota, Colombia. Raised in a family surrounded by art, she studied at The National University of Colombia in Bogota.

  • January 2, 2001. The 8 of the 80's. What do Edgar Negret, Alvaro Castao Castillo, Enrique Grau, Manuel Zapata Olivella, Nereo Lpez, Otto Morales Bentez, Fernando Charry Lara and Danilo Cruz Vlez have in common? Simple. They are Colombians, outstanding, and octagenarian. And not only that, they all were condecorated with the "Cruz de Boyaca" by Colombian Presidente Andres Pastrana. "Something must have happened in 1920. Maybe an astrological conjunction", said the president about the extraordinary talents of this sigular group of artists, philosophers, and politicians.

  • January 2, 2001. Colombian Guinness Record. The Guinnes organization has just officially certified the world record achieved by Javier Humberto Zapata, who went up the 50 stories of the Colpatria tower in Bogota by riding his bike up the stairs in 43 minutes and 26 seconds. This Colombian athlete will attempt to ride his bike up the 60 stories of the First Union Financial Center, the tallest tower in Miami. His final goal is to go up to the highest story of the New Empire State Building.

  • Silvia Tcherassi, outstanding Colombian fashion designerDecember 14, 2000. Colombian fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi named one of the outstanding people in Colombia during year 2000. Working for one of the most traditional fashion houses of Europe and having the opportunity to show her collections in elite sites of Paris and Millano, is one of the most desired dreams of any fashion designer. Silvia was able to achieve this during this year 2000. Her elegant designs and magic touch to combine colors got the attention of Alain Hivelin, president of Pierre Balmain, on of the most important brands in the world.

  • November 17, 2000. Colombian singer Carlos Vives is awarded with two Amigo Awards in Spain. These awards are regarded as the most important ones in the music industry in Spain. The Colombian singer received the little statues from Prince Felipe de Borbon during the ceremony in Madrid.

  • November 13, 2000. Andrea Mara Noceti Gmez was elected Miss Colombia. Beatuiful Colombian Women, 2000 Beauty Peagent

  • Ocober 31, 2000. Humble shoeshiner wins city election in Colombia. BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) Luis Eduardo Diaz was polishing a man's loafers one day when the client told him he was running for city council and, apparently hoping to add a populist touch to his campaign, asked Diaz to be his running mate. Diaz became a city member of the Bogota's city council.

  • October 30, 2000. Nationwide local elections peaceful in Colombia. BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) After months of violence-marred campaigning, voting went peacefully in elections seen as a vote against the guerrilla and paramilitary warfare that has wracked Colombia for decades.

  • October 12, 2000. Botero City. Six showrooms in the Museum of Antioquia hold the all paintings that Colombian artist Fernando Botero has donated to Medellin during the past 26 years. The plaza, which will be a tridimensional park, will be inaugurated by the end of year 2000. Art that transforms the city.

  • September 20, 2000. Colombia wins first-ever gold medal. Maria Isabel URRUTIA won Colombia's first-ever Olympic gold medal Wednesday, lifting a total of 245 kilograms. Olympic Gold Medalist Maria Isabel Urrutia

  • September 5, 2000 Colombian singer Carlos Vives wins triple platinum disk for his "El Amor de mi Tierra" hit in Madrid, Spain.

  • 8-15-00 Colombian soccer team secured three important points when it beat stubborn Uruguay 1-0. Colombia is now in second place in overall standings below Argentina.

  • World Championships - BarrancabermejaAugust-7-2000 Colombia became the World Champion of the 2000 In-Line Speedskating World Championships for the first time ever. The Championships were held in Barrancabermeja, Colombia, from July 29 through August 7, 2000. Colombia was the overall winner ahead of USA, Italy, Chile and Argentina.

  • July 28, 2000 Juan Pablo Montoya wins the Michigan 500 with one of the most spectacular finishes ever seen in the CART circuit.
  • July 28, 2000 Medellin's Flower Fair kicks off; the most impressive fair of its kind in the world. Flower Fair - Medellin

  • 7-21-00 Colombian General Rosso Jos Serrano was recognized by DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency) with the Special Agent Plaque. This distinction is the first of this kind given by the DEA during its 40 years of life.

  • 06-23-00 Colombian poet Felipe Garca was the winner of the "Neruda-2000" poetry contest. Temuco, Chile (EFE). Colombian author Felipe Garcia Quintero won the first Ibero American "Neruda-2000" poetry contest because of his piece "Empty Rock". This contest was held as in memory of 1971 Literature Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.

  • 6-6-00 "Bogota, a day without your car" Project was awarded the Stockholm Challenge Award in the environment category. The Mayor of Bogota, Enrique Pealosa received the prize. The French organization EcoPlan postulated the project for this award.

  • 6-6-00 Colombian Children awarded with the "Brave Voices" Prize. Colombian children organization "Children for Peace" was awarded the "Brave Voices" award in New York. The awarde is given by the International Comission of Women and Children Refugees". The same children movement has been nominated to the 1998, 1999, and 2000 Nobel Peace Prize.

  • 6-6-00 A big week in Colombian sports. Racing car driver Juan Pablo Montoya wins the IRL Indianapolis 500 and MILWAUKEE 225. Tennis player Fabiola Zuluaga rises in ATP world ranking. Cyclist "Chepe" Gonzalez leads the mountain section in the Giro de Italia. Colombia National Soccer Team defeats Venezuela, 3-0, in the World Cup Qualifyings. U-21 Colombia National Soccer team wins in back-to-back season the "Hopes of Toulon" Championship in France. Montoya and Ganassi, Indianapolis 500 winners

  • 6-1-00. Nines, France. Colombia under 21-year-old National Soccer Team, defeated Ivory Coast National Team by a score of 3-1 in Nines, France, in the "Hopes of Toulon" International Soccer Tournament. Colombia became the first finalist for the final championship game in which will face Portugal. Colombia is the defending champion.

  • 5-29-00 INDIANAPOLIS. 24-year-old Colombian Juan Montoya won the 84th Indianapolis 500 in his first attempt competing in the race. Montoya, the defending 1999 CART series champion, finished 7.184 seconds ahead of Buddy Lazier, the largest margin of victory since 1994. He led 167 of the 200 laps. Montoya left no doubt his 500 victory on Sunday meant a great deal to him.

  • Madrid (EFE). Colombian Weekly Magazine "Cambio", whose CEO is Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garca Mrquez, was awarded with the "Ortega y Gasset" Journalism Prize. The prize, which is hosted by Spanish Newspaper "El Pas", from Madrid, was given due to the package of articles, interviews, and research done by Cambio during 1999, all about the peace process in Colombia. 4-26-00.

  • Colombia pulled a 1-1 tie in the Soccer World Cup 2002 qualifying game against Bolivia, in La Paz, at 3,600 meters over the sea level. This is the second round of the qualifying league for the 2002 World Cup to be held in Korea and Japan. 4-26-00.

  • Expomusic and the seventh Ibero-American Theater Festival transformed Bogota into a cultural mecca in April. The festival brought play groups from 34 countries of the world. This festival is unique and has become one of the most important cultural events of its kind. It is held every two years in Bogota and its founder and chairwoman is Fanny Mikey.

  • Colombian writer Hctor Abad Faciolince was awarded with the 1st Casa de America Award for Innovative American Narrative in Spain. Abad Faciolince was awarded this prize because of his piece "Basura" ("Garbage" in English), a novel about literature, silence and its reasons.

  • Colombian writer Hctor Abad Faciolince was awarded with the 1st Casa de America Award for Innovative American Narrative in Spain. Abad Faciolince was awarded this prize because of his piece "Basura" ("Garbage" in English), a novel about literature, silence and its reasons.

  • Albeiro Vargas, a Colombian young man who has dedicated his life to take care of the elder of his native city of Bucaramanga, has been proposed as a candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize by a non-governmental organization from France. This French organization has sponsored his humanitarian endeavor since several years ago.

  • Vanity Fair Magazine features the Colombian Children's Mandate for Peace in the Hall of Fame Section. Eliza Griswold nominates the kids of Children's Mandate for Peace, possibly the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize candidates, for showing Colombia's adults an alternative to a fifth decade of bloody civil war.

  • Ivn Daro Vlez, director the Program for Study and Control of Tropical Diseases (PECET, in Spanish), at the Universidad de Antioquia, is very close to create a vaccine against Leishmaniasis desease.

  • Colombian poet and novelist Alvaro Mutis has been awarded with the second edition of the "International Award of Poetry of Trieste", held in the Adriatic Italian city of Trieste.

  • Colombian author Miguel Angel Lopez was awarded with the first place in the "Casa de las Americas" literature contest in the poetry category. Author Lopez was awarded this distinction, out of 308 constestants, because of his book "Encuentro en los senderos de Abya Yala" ("Encounter in the paths of Abya Yala" in english), which was declared as a "song of respect and adoration to the earth" by the judging committee.

  • Colombian child Gerson Andres Flores, 14-year old, was awarded with the United Nations World Award for Peace and Tolerance. This recognition was within the World Peace Conference in La Haya, Holland.

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